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The session with Ernie had an impact on my life and now I'm living my life in a way that I would not have if I didn't have that session







The experience I had with Ernie completely blew my mind. I can’t really explain what happened there, but one session with him really changed my life. Ernie accurately noticed some of my chakras we’re blocked and used his incredible abilities to release me from things that held me back for years. 
I am so so glad I took a chance and went with my gut. I cannot wait to book in again with Ernie, he is definitely the real deal.
Thank you Ernie!



I had several sessions with Ernie.  Each session gave me new clarity and insight of where I'm at this present moment. I felt very safe. The energy that transmutes through him is very powerful and pure.  I could felt a shift happening within my body that lasted several days,  The channel is  very inspirational and clear. Every session has been empowering and insightful. Truly a magical experiences.



In process

The energy that Ernie was putting out towards me went straight to my heart. I could feel it all over my body as if my whole body was being charged by this powerful uplifting energy.




Ernie is able to channel some powerful energy. His clearing and message gave me a feeling of solace and protection as a spiritual being on this planet. I highly recommend Ernie’s work to anyone who is looking to heal and ascend.

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