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My Story

Years ago, I used to live a life that many would call the “Hollywood Dream”. As a home designer, I was living in a the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, throwing parties and enjoying a normal life.  While I got more and more involved in the material world there was a conflicting side in me that was a truth seeker looking for inner joy.

Through a mystical series of events life threw me onto an entirely new path. I had several magical experiences where I became connected to a source /channel of energy.  One day driving home,  suddenly I felt intense power entering my body.  I pulled over, and my body started shaking involuntarily.   A voice appeared in my head that called me “My son” and continued telling me I was going to help many people and will travel the world to do so.

I‘ve been doing energy transmissions on  people through my TranceMedium sessions for over 10 years now while traveling around the world. I've had the pleasure of exploring different sacred  energetic places in North and South America, Europe, India, Bosnia, Turkey, Lebanon , Israel, Morocco and Egypt, Bali and finally landing on an island in Thailand. Throughout this time this connection has allowed me to help hundreds of people to raise their vibration to activate, shift, and remove energies to aid in their soul awakening.

Most notably, I helped a woman to restore her arm mobility after a devastating accident. I've released pain from cancer patients, enabling them to finally sleep. I've helped hundreds to overcome clinical anxiety and depression.


Ultimately, the work that I've done has helped people to overcome blockages, find safety in their bodies, experience pleasure in their life, trust their gut, give and receive love, freely express themselves, see their own potential, and allow them to open up to receive a higher vibration, guiding them to fulfill their soul's purpose.

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