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Align to your Soul Purpose

1h session - 150$

3 sessions of 1h - 360$ 

What's in a session ?


We check your energy field to reveal blockages. This tells a story of what you are attracting at this moment, which we will discuss it and explore how it resonates with you.



I will ask you to set a personal intention for the session, which you will keep to yourself. 



Once we begin, I will start going into a trance state. Energy will be transmitted through sound and messages. This is orchestrated by your higher self and is specifically designed for your healing in this moment. There may be an opportunity to ask questions while in the trance. (There will be no touching throughout the session)



During the trance, oracle cards will be pulled that will trigger you to start processing your new found clarity and will give you more insights towards your next chapter.


Lastly, we will have a conversation about the session. You will have the chance to ask questions and we will come up with action steps to implement your new found clarity.



At the end of the session you will see yourself in a different light. This will trigger a fundamental shift in the way you experience life and allow you to more easily align to your soul's highest path.

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