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Coming from a background of science and engineering, I consider myself a rational person, and naturally I have a decent amount of skepticism in me. I felt like I'm being recharged with new energy. I started to feel lighter, less and less in my head and thoughts, and more and more present in the moment. Colors and sounds felt vivid. It was a very pleasant and joyous experience.I went back home feeling as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I felt positive, recharged, intuitive, and ready to meet life.



 I immediately felt a deep release in my chest area. That was extremely magical because I had lived with this heavy pressure on my chest for years without even noticing it ! Only after the session when I felt this release, I understood that I had been carrying a lot of stuck energy there. It felt like a profound liberation, I was free and peaceful. This big man is the most gentle person I have ever met, and I could feel his power the second he put his hand on my heart. Thank you Ernie for the devotion and love you put in your work, this journey with you has definitely been one of the most healing treatment that I have received so far.Chloe



I was feeling very depressed and anxious when I met up with Ernie.  After our session I remember feeling immediately grounded and normal again.  It was like he was charging me up and I felt alive again.  I was so grateful that day for him.


I'm Ernie Zayat

  I'm a trance medium. I allow the sacred energy to take over my body while I become an open vessel. I get plugged into the source, and when the session is done, Ernie reappears. 


  These channeling sessions are unique each time. It is an extraordinary experience. 

  My channel, who always calls me, My Son,  said and I quote "what you do is allow yourself to be a conduit for high vibrational energy. This divine energy shifts, removes, and activates life force energy to allow the individual to raise their vibration. The results will be a change of perception, which will allow them to take actions that align with their soul's purpose.

Remember you can't change anyone but you  can change your energy and the world will change around you. It's the Law of Attraction!

Why book a channelling session with me?

This session will support you to remember your soul purpose by expanding your perception of the possibility of what is possible.

Activate and accelerate your awakening process by releasing lower frequencies that don't serve for your highest good.

In this new energy state, you will naturally shift your perception and vibration which causes you to change

your actions.


This new shift of energy will transform the way you experience life as you attract new people and situations towards you.

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Who is this for?

You are at a crossroads in life.


You are desiring more clarity and peace from the mind.

You want to release negative energies which create unhealthy patterns.

You have a knowing that there is more to life than what you perceive at this moment.

Love to All
& All to be Loved.

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